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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Time for another update.
I bought a few things. The idea is that it'll get shipped by the time I'm and it'll be there waiting for me. First thing, I found a guy on the forums named pcnuttie selling a EMachine LCD monitor.

$64.00 after shipping, everything included. He says it was lightly used for only 3 months. From what I can find online, EMachines are affordable machines, and $64 is cheaper than any refurbished I could find.

Second, I bought some ArcticSilver thermal paste, pretty much a staple for replacing heatsinks.

I bought this from for $12.98 after shipping. At quick look, it only contains 1 cc, but each use is only a pea sized.

Running total: $184.97

Sorry for the slow movement, but I didn't have access to a keyboard or monitor, and I've been busy with work and school.

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