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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hard drive finished

Hey guys, I finally made some progress on the computer. Turns out I will not be able to overclock this computer without buying some extra parts. So that process will be postponed until further notice.
I have however, finished the hard drive case. I took it to work today and machined down the surface of the old hard drive I took apart. Here's what it looks like.

Not too bad. I also drilled some holes and tapped them for screws, but my measurements were slightly off. I managed to screw two screws in, which should be enough.
Here's what it looks like after the hard drive is screwed in.

I made a little hang over area for the cables. It might be a little difficult to see.

Now hopefully if all goes well, it should screw right into my case.

I've also been working with arch linux a little more. I installed the vbox additions and I know have an integrated mouse feature, and can copy and paste between windows and arch linux.
I also started testing on the latest addition of OCNix. I bet the new release is out by now. I'll go get my hands on that as well.

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