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Monday, October 4, 2010

Need your ideas!

With all of my school work, I haven't had much time to scratch stuff off my list.
So my solution is to add more!

What I'd like to have is more small projects I can do on the weekends, between my schoolwork and the solar team. I might limit the list a bit, maybe between 3-5 new entries, maybe more if you guys come up with some real good ideas!

There's not much of a theme, but I'm leaning towards techy, maybe nerdy too. I'll except almost all ideas. I'm going to avoid anything that involves playing video games (ie, beat halo on legendary, etc...). I'd also like to keep it fairly cheap, less than $40.

Recently, I've gotten a lot of ideas from Home magazine (no plug intended), so there might be some good ideas there.

Post some ideas below!