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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Late night

Well, its 1:30am and my day is about to end. This morning I woke up to a 1GB ram card on the desk. Looks like my dad was looking out for me again. I plugged it in and it ran fine.

Also, I decided I'm going to make a holding bracket for my hard drive, as its only a small laptop drive. Currently, its just sitting inside the computer where the hard drive would normally be screwed in. I plan on moving it safely when I can.

For my bracket, I decided it would be easiest to use a case from an old 1GB hard drive. I gutted everything out, and now I just have to figure out how I'm going to mount the hard drive inside it.

I also installed Sun's VirtualBox and attempted to install openSUSE, but I gave up after a couple tries. I did manage to play with it using the liveCD. Now I'm installing ArchLinux, which I think is much more fun. I have much more control over everything, and I'm learning with a nice learning curve. I also had some help from the OCNix guys.
Right now its installing the GUI, after about 3 hours of installing everything else. I think once I work with this a little more, I can scratch off a goal from my list. Installing linux really isn't difficult, especially if your running it through an app like VirtualBox. I would imagine installing on the actual hard drive wouldn't be any more difficult.

The installation process is all text based and has a custom boot loader. A GUI isn't preinstalled with arch linux, making it much more flexible if you choose to work solely from the terminal. If you choose to install a GUI, which most people do, you can choose from any GUI that is available in the package manager, including both KDE and Gnome.

The guys at arch linux put together a nice beginners guide to installing and running arch linux. It's almost exactly like unix code, and comes with python language preinstalled.
The link to the guide can be found Here.


  1. Note to self: don't install late at night.

  2. You should also remember, never drink and install. :D

    Other wise you do crazy things like install Enlightenment on your production machine. Haha. Good times.