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Saturday, May 1, 2010

New Linux development built just for overclockers!

Interested in some innovative software built just for overclocking? Then check this out!

After doing some research on overclocking, I came across these guys at developing a linux software package called OCNix that will include everything an overclocker might need to overclock and test they're computer, including stress and benchmark programs.
One of the leading programmers, GodOfGrunts, said
"OCNix is a Linux [distribution] aimed at computer enthusiasts who want to be able to stress test and benchmark their hardware without taking the time to install a full operating system."
Currently, this package only requires the user to run what is called an "liveCD", which means installation of the programs is not actually required, but instead can be read directly off the CD itself. Later on, however, they do plan on making the distribution completely installable, meaning you can run OCNix just like any other Linux operating system.

A large selection of open source software will be included in the package, including Memtest, Phoronix Test Suite, and MPrime, Linux's version of the famous Prime95.

OCNix is built directly on top of Arch Linux, which is an extremely light version of Linux, meaning little disk space is required to run.

I'll be sure to try this out as soon as I get my computer running!

The developers working on this build are, GodOfGrunts, xtascox, error_404, and GonX. While Version2 and biatchi started the project, but are no long active. Each of them frequently visit the forums, and their thread can be found Here

Here is a pre-beta screenshot.

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