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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Up and Running!

Well guys, I finally got the computer running, and it's only 11 PM!
This is officially the first blog post from the computer, which I will affectionately call, "the Bucket".
First thing I did was take that laptop hard drive and plug it in. No adapters required. unfortunately, the winVista that was installed on my laptop couldn't be ran on this computer, which I would have expected. Luckily, being home for a week has it's perks. My dad came through and found a winXP disk laying around, which is great, because I've always thought XP ran a little better than Vista anyways.

The installation was pretty harmless. I formatted both of the partitions on the hard drive, so I'll have to reinstall Steam again.

Everything worked right off the bat, with the exception of the network card. Plugging in the ethernet cable showed lights, but didn't connect to the internet, or even show a network available. Instinctively, I blamed this on the guys at Microsoft, but I finally realized that the Broadcom network card, which is integrated into the motherboard, didn't install the drivers correctly. I just downloaded them on my other computer and carried it over via flash drive.

Next up, I'll see how virtual box works, and see how to run linux through it. I'll put that off 'til tomorrow. I was initially thinking of installing openSUSE, but am still open for ideas. Go ahead and leave comments!

ahh... a clean desktop.
Haven't seen those in a while!

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