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Friday, July 9, 2010

Minor + Major

I've had some changed in the past couple days. Let's start out with the minor stuff.
I logged into arch a couple times and played around with flashplayer and Conky. I can now watch Youtube videos! I also configured my Conky! Right now its fairly basic, didn't change the font, but changed the data it displays, changed the size a tad bit, and the location. Some funny things, I turned on double buffer because it was flashing every time it updated, about once a second. The double buffer made my desktop icons disappear! I figured it out eventually, had to add a couple more lines of code. I couldn't get the standard weather commands to work, and I don't feel like writing Python code to get it to work, so I'll leave that for later. I was also a tad disappointed that I didn't have any temp sensors that arch could read, so I couldn't display any temp reading, which would've been very nice. Overall getting Conky to work the way I like was pretty fun! Maybe I'll play around with some python code later to make it look prettier. Right now the font is pretty boring.

And now for the major updates!
I decided to spend some (quite a bit) of cash and update the bucket. First I got a graphics card to play a steam game my brother got me for my birthday. I am extremely satisfied with the buy. It's cheap, but crammed pack full of features. It can also run the games extremely well. I still haven't figured out why its so cheap.
Up to 3 monitors: VGA, HDMI, and DVI
HD compatible: up to 1080p, though I'm running it through VGA, which isn't.
Direct PSU input, my PSU isn't capable.
The only complaint I have is the heatsink is only plastic fins, it tends to get hot after a while of gaming. The manufacturer recommends +400W PSU and mine is only 240W. It seems to still work fine after about 4 weeks.

But why have all those features and not be able to use it?
This morning I decided to get a more powerful PSU, so I got this.
Antec EarthWatt 430W, and keen observers will notice it comes with a computer case too! This PSU will allow me to directly power the GPU without having to go through the motherboard, which would allow me to use all of the capabilities without having to worry. Plus it's rated for +400W, so if I decide to RMA the GPU, they won't get me for not having a proper power supply. That case is pretty slick too! Comes with plenty of ports and a 2.5 HDD slot. So I could install my hard drive directly without having to use the case I made, but I'll probably use the case, because I'm proud of it.

But isn't the motherboard is custom fitted for SFF current case?
Yeah, it is. So I wouldn't be able to use the motherboard with that case. So just now I decided to get one that would!
Nice board for the price. Once again, you might notice that it comes with a dual core processor too! Both of these items are really top notch. I'm surprised I could get them at a fairly low price. The motherboard has full overclocking capabilities, so I can finish what I started with the actual bucket list!

But Ian, that board requires DDR3 Ram, you only have DDR ram!
Yeah, your right once again. So in order to use it all, I'll have to get some DDR3 ram.
This is pretty much out of bare necessity. I want 2GBs of ram, and this was the cheapest option. The board is capable of 1666 ram, but I went a tad lower with the 1066 so I can overclock it if I feel like it later.

Total Tallies:
$85.98 -GPU
-$20.00 mail-in rebate
$69.99 -PSU
$44.99 -Case
-$20.00 Combo discount
$79.99 -Board
$67.99 -CPU
-$17.00 Combo discount
$47.99 -Ram

Running total: $536.90


  1. Don't forget you'll need a new license of Windows ;) Well, legally anyway

  2. I'll use the same HDD, so I think I can just to a windows repair if I have to.

  3. Won't work bro. First off, it's not legal, and second, Windows is smart enough to know when you change motherboards and will make you get a new license key.

    Good try though ;)

    Or course, that's only if you care about legalities and all that jazz.