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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Nothing New

Well guys, sorry for the lack up updates. I've recently started my junior year of college and am tied up at the moment.

What I've been spending most of my time on recently has been the Purdue Solar Racing team. I am currently acting as the Mechanical Engineering Director for this semester, so I've been keeping busy with that.

Check out the website!

As for computers, I've recently found out I can get win7 for free through MSDNAA (Look it up). This should be really nice on the wallet.

Because I've recently rediscovered my joy of computer games, I've decided to dual boot windows for steam. I'm afraid WINE will degrade the performance too much. But now that I can upgrade to win7 free of charge, I have no reason not to. Don't worry, I still love linux.

I can't wait for Steam to include all of their penguin friends in on all the action. Does anyone have any updates on the rumors?

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